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Petition ID 2678: Teleporting bug?
Submitted Wed, 28 Jan 15 00:21:40 +0000

So to try and make a spare character, I wanted to get the "cookie" for talking in banter- but not global at the moment. I went One East of Newhome, and into the Alchemist's place. I was able to click the link that allowed me to start talking in Banter, as soon as I accepted the agreement to follow the rules of talking. Suddenly, I'm at Improbable Central!

(I'm seriously not making this up. It all happened in that order, and I did get my cookie, but for noobs who just entered the game, there might be a way for them to teleport to IC without having to walk.)

And this was the first time I had talked in a chat, not the second. It was specifically to get the cookie, so I could use it for later.

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