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Petition ID 2660: Color in Master Settings' Nav Heading
Submitted Tue, 20 Jan 15 01:57:15 +0000

This is an older bug that I have been meaning to post about, just not gotten around to because I keep forgetting. Basically, when you do colors in the nav heading to change the name around, it keeps changing it when you go back in and do some other changes afterwards, example, I have a place where the heading are suppose to be Down to and Towards, but every time I go in and change a setting it goes from that to <span class='colXLtGreen'>Do</span><span class='colBlack'>wn </span><span class='colbeige'>to and <span class='colLtRed'>To</span><span class='colkhaki'>wa</span><span class='colLtOrange'>rds. Can't tell you how long it has been going on because I just don't know.

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