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Petition ID 254: Formatting: Cryptic Questions Joker
Submitted Wed, 23 Nov 11 03:03:52 +0000

1. On the screen where you meet him, it is all in black. He does not talk in the usual monster's dark magenta, and you do not talk in your set talkcol.

2. If you opt to do the riddle, he talks in

3. If you get the riddle right, the description and his line is in black again (the effect text is
dark yellow).

4. If you get the riddle wrong, it's all black (effect text in
dark red).

5. If you opt to not do the riddle, the flavour text is in
light yellow. Also, there's a space missing:

"Afraid to look the fool, you decline his challenge.He was a little bit creepy anyway.
The strange man waves goodbye as you stroll, a little quickly but hating to show it, into the depths of the jungle."

HOW: Hunt in Jungle until you happen to meet the CQJ.


WHEN: Ever since ever.

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