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Petition ID 2237: Titans not taking damage
Submitted Sat, 12 Jul 14 23:36:49 +0000

Hello! I recently started hunting Titans, and something is happening consistently: when I inflict damage and then run away, or I inflict damage and get KOed, when I go back to the same Titan it is as though the damage never happened.

Since it's been happening consistently, I think it would happen if someone like me went and hunted Titans--i.e., 55 drive kills, about 40 points in Attack, Bastard rank, Robot overclocked to about 4800V attack and 400V defense, using a Sun Gun and Gargleblaster. Unfortunately the problem is not URL-conducive. I guess I first noticed it earlier this week.

This is definitely distinct from the earlier reported bug about the apostrophe in a player's title--I eliminated any title customizations, and the problem persisted.

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