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Petition ID 2228: Woo, typos!
Submitted Fri, 11 Jul 14 21:27:12 +0000

The Strategy Hut is missing spaces between a couple of its sentences, such as "You give Atrus 5 Requisition.He nods, and thinks to himself."
Sheila talks in ~ on the first page, 2 on purchasing/selling pages, and in 1 during Rohit's quest.
When examining the Budget Horse, the character's talkcol bleeds into the narrative text right after "This isn't a horse. It's just some old fellow with a saddle on his back."
Entering Maiko's for the first time has the character speak in ~ instead of their talkcol in "Various students turn around to look at you. "Fine," you squeak."
Mouse Racing has a sentence that says "You can bet on any mouse or any combination or mice".
Oliver of Oliver's Jewelry is a "midget" apparently.
The Mike of Central stops being a Midget and alters his accent and color code (& to 6) when you examine the Haiks.
Another missing space between sentences, in the PSK. "You give a wave and special wink to Emily who is serving drinks to some locals.Dan the landlord..."
Also one when attempting to buy a drink without enough money as well as getting ready to bribe Dan. All three sentences for bribing with one CIG are missing the spaces.
Speaking to Seth also has a few: the two sentences before asking him about manliness/sports, another in the zero Charm manliness appraisal, and a third in the two sentences of him saying his throat is too dry to sing again.
Flirting with Emily is also missing the space between the sentences shown before deciding which flirty action to take.
Asking Dan about Rumors has neither color codes for him or the character.

Not actually a typo, but attempting to bribe Dan with more cigs than you have refers to them as gems.

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