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Petition ID 1996: Nausea not properly reset by DK triggered NewDay
Submitted Mon, 10 Mar 14 13:49:58 +0000

In an effort to get that last bit of experience to reach level 15 and DK, I ate too much and was sick. Despite the nausea, I successfully faced and defeated the drive.

Now, on the first day of my new run, I am unable to eat in restaurants. I have a fully black nausea bar and no food options in the various restaurant menus.

Eating ration packs or energy drinks give the correct energy/hunger messages but does not change the displayed nausea bar.

This is the second time I have faced this problem, the first time on a different account so it's not just this character. It seems like the DK triggered new day does not properly reset the nausea like a natural one. Not game breaking, but annoying.

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