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Petition ID 189: Places: Player in bed does not show up on Kick Players screen (also see pet#108)
Submitted Sun, 06 Nov 11 17:21:19 +0000

Player called ashish, in slot 1643 in room 2104. Does not show up on the Kick Players page. (Possibly related to petition 108, but this time I have not been moving furniture.)

HOW: Go to KIND Tower - Bar and Common Room. You can see:

Explore this area
Customized Furniture (Giant beanbag chair) occupied by ashish
Folding Bed
Folding Bed
Folding Bed



Kick Players page:

WHEN: He's been there since 27th October. Last time I was in the tower (yesterday or day before), he was on the list of Kick Players. He isn't today.

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