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Petition ID 183: Mob monsters all dying at once with REPOSTE
Submitted Sat, 05 Nov 11 07:50:06 +0000

WHAT: When fighting and coming against a Mob Monster who attacks first, The REPOSTE instantly kills ALL the mobs if it does enough damage to kill the first.

HOW: I'm using the Force Generator Armour and have a +750 to my defense. Whenever I first fight them, before I can even attack, and I do enough REPOSTE damage to kill the first mob, they all die, yet still show full HP bars. Kind of a plus but still a major bug.
I would just jump from mob to mob using Hunting: Big Trouble and run into guy after guy and not have to do a thing if they attacked first because I would always REPOSTE enough to kill them. And if I REPOSTE a mob monster with enough damage to kill just the first one, no matter how many others there are, the screen shows full HP for all of them, but in the navigation area on the left it shows the hunting/cook/clean/Hospital tent etc.

WHERE: N/A Screen Shot.

WHEN: Any time fighting so far.

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