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Petition ID 1399: Memento attributes no longer display in bio if the Memento itself is not displayed.
Submitted Sun, 10 Mar 13 00:56:01 +0000

What: all the Attributes from Mementos you've been given used to show up in your Character Biography, last time I was changing things around. Now, the Attributes only show if the Memento itself is on display.

I don't know which is the currently intended behaviour. I'm just reporting that it used to be one and now it's the other, with no new information that I can see in the Memento Forge or MOTD or Enquirer.

How: get hold of a Memento with an Attribute (which was not made by the playeraccount which is holding it). Check your bio; count your listed Attributes. Toggle the memento between Shown and Hidden. Recount your listed Attributes; observe the change.

Where: Inventory settings affecting Bio.

When: Not sure. Last few months, perhaps.

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