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Petition ID 1393: Customized Teleportation Beacon
Submitted Fri, 08 Mar 13 23:06:57 +0000

I bought a teleportation beacon for the new place I am building, The Twisted Maze, at location 16/36, and I customized it before leaving Improbable Central, naming it "Old hollow tree". I also added a description as to what people would see when they explored it. When I placed it in the entrance area, I saw that the description was the generic one

You examine the hissing, clanking Thing in front of you. It looks vaguely like some sort of decompression chamber, and smells faintly of ozone. It is a Teleportation Beacon; when activated, people using a One-Shot Teleporter can come directly into this Room from anywhere on Improbable Island.

I wonder if this is a bug, or if teleporter beacons are not fully customizable. I paid 12 cigarettes for the change, and I only got the title changed. If they are not fully customizable, there should maybe be a warning somewhere?

Thank you in advance.

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