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Petition ID 1353: Chemical Pack is filled very quickly when fighting multiple monsters
Submitted Wed, 13 Feb 13 22:00:28 +0000

This isn't so much a hindrance as it seems to be a game-breaker. When fighting multiple monsters (such as the 9-at-once Pyramids) just a few moments ago, I noticed that the meters for my Chemical Pack were filling at gratuitously high amounts, filling to full after just a couple of rounds when many monsters are being fought at once, then gradually decreasing to normal as each monster is KO-ed. I think the Chemical Pack is having the same problem that Stamina did a while back; it's calculating chemical gain per monster rather than per level.

This can most likely be reproduced by fighting multiple monsters at once and simply closing observing the counter for the Chemical Pack implant. Common multiple-monster encounters include Pyramids, Feral KittyBikes, and Work Experience Lads.

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