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Petition ID 1316: Threat Level Req Modifier Not Working?
Submitted Fri, 25 Jan 13 17:53:01 +0000

I'm not so sure that the bonus req for high threat levels is actually working..


I was hunting suicidally in NP, it started out at Interesting Times. I was getting about 10k req per 49 fights, gradually increasing as threat lowered to 12k req at Minor activity. I've been fighting in batches multiple times, and it seemed to stay fairly constant..

I didn't level up, use a cookie, or a req multiplier token.

Lv12 Joker, suicidal hunting, and an extremely negligible effect form the diamonds deck.

When, Today! Friday January 25th, 2013

I will try to do this again when I notice threat levels high again.

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