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Petition ID 1172: Titan KO not registering
Submitted Wed, 14 Nov 12 08:50:04 +0000

This has just happened with two Titans that I supposedly KO'ed.

In a given round of battle, I hit X to hit the Titan 10 times, and got the message that it was KO'ed.

On returning to the map, the Titan was still there...and when I clicked back on it, it was still active, with only a few less HP. I did this repeatedly, each time bringing the Titan down a few more HP, but never taking it out...even though I received the KO message repeatedly.

Another player finally finished the first -- and she said she received TWO messages that the titan had been killed. I received none. The second Titan, so far, is still alive...despite multiple KO messages.

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