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Server migration (mostly) done, some new bugs, injury
Admin CavemanJoe2023-09-26 17:08:48 [Permalink]
Hey folks, we're on our new server and whoa it's fast. Midnight now happens in under ten seconds where it was a minute and a half before, and Long Midnight is down from nearly an hour to two damn minutes. Thank you everyone for helping me to test it.

Some new bugs came up in the transfer; folk are getting auto-logged-off very quick, replying to Distractions is a ridiculous text-eating mess when including the original message, email notifications (and confirmations) still don't work, there's a button missing from Place inventory management, buncha little stuff, but honestly on the whole we got pretty lucky. Please use the "Tell us about a problem" link to report any other bugs you come across, because I'm sure there'll be more.

Tomorrow, the 27th, our domain name moves over to our new host, so we can expect some more downtime for a little bit. You remembered to bookmark the Mastodon page, right? It's at, keep that address handy because it's where I'll be posting updates about downtime.

I'll be fixing these bugs throughout the next couple of weeks, but at a heavily reduced rate; I've injured my right wrist! And all it took was moving a bunch of pinball and arcade machines while pulling twelve-hour days at the computer for months on end and then doing one of those Test Your Strength things at the ren faire, you know the ones where you take a big paving mallet and hit the thing and the thing flies up and dings the thing, well I told that thing pretty good but about a week later after doing a bunch more Long Computer Days my fingers/wrist/forearm/elbow told me right the fuck back so now I've gotta keep the Island stuff to like an hour a day tops while I heal up.

So yeah, we're fixing bugs, but we're fixing them pretty slowly until I'm in a bit less pain. Then I'll finally get to code up some fun new stuff for y'all to play with.

Have fun,

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