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September Monthly Memento, getting ready for the server move
Admin CavemanJoe2023-09-11 15:57:07 [Permalink]
This is an important MotD that affects everyone who enjoys playing Improbable Island, so please read the whole thing. Most MotDs are either chatting about new features or just me doing general bullshitting, this one's actually important, please do read it.

Hello everyone, September's Monthly Memento is the Fucking Nothing. That's right, for your ten dollars, you'll receieve something that looks remarkably similar to the space in your wallet where ten dollars used to be. Weirdly, this has been a really highly acclaimed Monthly Memento over in Banter, so buy it I guess.

Why is it Fucking Nothing this month? Well, because I haven't had time to make it not Fucking Nothing, y'see. Why haven't I had time? Because of our upcoming SERVER MIGRATION OH NO

Now, if you weren't aware, both myself and Improbable Island have been hit with what I'm calling the 2023 Sticky Ball Of Bullshit.
* March-May: cascading financial emergencies related to plumbing, roofing, cats and cars
* Early May: our web host informed us that their older servers (one of which hosts Improbable Island) would be shut down on the 28th of September, and we've gotta move to a new server
* May-August: intensive work updating the entirity of Improbable Island's codebase so that it works with the modern technology that the new web server uses
* Early August: had to take two weeks off for family stuff
* Early September: last-minute change of New Server Destination because I found out our old host got bought out by GoDaddy back in 2016 and entered its final death spiral back in early August while I was doing the family stuff
* Today: We have a new server (with a new company, in a new country), we have the updated Improbable Island code and data that will work on the new server, and I've spent the last week pulling twelve-hour days at the computer, testing and fixing bugs as they come up.

After months of really intensive work, we're in the final stretch, and I need your help to get us over the finish line. We have a testing server configured at that uses the new Improbable Island code, and a copy of the Improbable Island data as of the 6th of September - I need you to go have a damn good poke around at that new server, test every feature and function, and generally try to find places where shit breaks. Note that stuff you do on the test server doesn't affect anything on the live server and vice versa.

When the time comes to perform the migration, which will probably be early next week, the Island will be down for at minimum a few hours, but possibly a day or two. Our Mastodon account at is where you can go to get updates on the migration, please bookmark that page so you'll know where to go if you try to log on to Improbable Island and find that Improbable Island is Not There. This is our only official social media - any other accounts on other websites claiming to represent Improbable Island are nothing to do with us and you shouldn't rely on them for information.

Thank you so much for your patience through all this, and for your support both financial and moral; fingers crossed we can get the final little bits tidied up smoothly and enjoy our wonderfully fast new server.

Wish me luck and have fun!

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