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July Monthly Memento, migration process
Admin CavemanJoe2023-07-03 15:57:39 [Permalink]
Hello everyone, it's July now and that means we've got a new Monthly Memento (newbies note, this is a special item that you get for giving me a tenner). This month's MM is the Attic Hatch!

Remember the May Emergency MotD? Yup, that's still going on, I'm still rummaging around the Dark And Ancient parts of the game code in preparation for making it not bork in PHP8, I've still got a September deadline, and so this month's Monthly Memento is a trip into those dark and dusty places. You can use the Attic Hatch once a day to ascend into Improbable Island's Weird Technical And Social History and return with a horrible souvenir of a worse and weirder time.

What will you find? The vast expanse of beige we all put up with until Covid lockdown? Ill-advised status-based text replacements? The disastrous way that a Bush/Blair-era codebase handled gender pronouns? Who knows, but there's still enough left to do that August's MM will probably be a sequel to this one.

Have fun!

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