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I fucked about with your Inventory
Admin CavemanJoe2023-05-08 16:38:03 [Permalink]
Hey folks, I spent the past couple of weeks having a good old bollock about with the Inventory display, to make it less shitty on mobile. While I was in there I figured I'd make it less shitty on desktop too, so now we've got this new thingy. Improvements over the old one:
* Per-carrier display options; choose between grid layout, compact list or Show Fucking Everything, and have different settings on your Backpack, Bandolier, Shoebox and all your other nooks and crannies.
* Display options stored browser-side; no more having to change your settings when you go between your phone and your computer, they're all stored in cookies now.
* Expanded items stay expanded; if you're in Grid or List mode and you make an item Big by clicking it, it'll stay Big between pageloads until you click it again to unBig it. In Grid mode, Biggened items go to the top of the list rather than leaving shitty amateur-hour gaps around themselves.
* For items usable in a fight we now say "Equip" instead of saying "Transfer to Advanced Bandolier" like a huge programmy nerd.
* Actually usable on mobile. Jesus, remember what it was like before? HORRIFIC
* It's not a massive fucking HTML table anymore, it's a buncha divs all modern-fancy-style. I put this at the end because nobody cares about this except web devs, and nobody cares what web devs think except other web devs.

Have fun!

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