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Massive Place performance improvements!
Admin CavemanJoe2023-04-18 19:15:17 [Permalink]
Hey everyone, this week and last I've been poking around Valskyr at V35 on the map. It's one of the Island's bigger and more complex Places, so I thought it'd be a good test candidate to try out some improvements to the Place loading and saving routines I've been messing about with.

If you're not familiar with Places and Place Programming, Places are the player-owned structures you can see on the Travel page, and they can get super complex - not just as cool things to look around and sightsee and read some cool writing, but also as ways to get special Mementos and play whole wee mini(and-not-so-mini)games that our players have come up with.

Valskyr is one of the Island's more complex Places, using lots of Memories (bits of data about a player's progress that can be saved inside the Place), and it was taking forty-five seconds to load its entrance page. I've buggered about significantly with the Places backend over the past week, and now it's loading in two seconds!

So if you've ever been curious about Places, but were put off by wondering if your internet connection was shagged or not, try them again 'cause they're super quick now.

Have fun!

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