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New chat system coming soon no really I mean it this time, pronouns in character customization screen
Admin CavemanJoe2023-03-21 15:01:29 [Permalink]
Hey folks, I'm getting ready to launch the new chat system, and most if not all existing chat will be erased. I previously said only OOC chat in Places would be erased, but nah, we're clean-slating it. Here's a quick little preview thingy I knocked up to chat about in Banter, that showed where newChat was on the 1st of March - it's come a long way since then, and I'm crawling all over the game code finding and changing references to the old chat system.

That journey has taken me to some pretty dusty places, places that made me go "Oh I gotta fix that while I'm in there," so expect some updates to the rest of the game too when this goes live. One of the updates that I can go live with today - IE an update that won't break existing stuff if I release it before the rest of the chat updates - is finally adding pronoun switching to the Character Customization menu!

Yes, you can now switch your character between he/she/they right in the customization menu below chatspaces - no more Doc Paprika, no more weird preferences menu workarounds, just swap it right there in the menu as easy as setting custom armour. We would have had this way sooner but to be honest any time I even glance at the way this ancient codebase handles pronouns, I'm tempted to rewrite the whole damn thing.

Presently I'm aiming for the first week in April; I'll give you all a heads-up when I have a date in mind, to give you time to log your chats.

Have fun!

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