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New Monthly Memento, further Quicknav extensions
Admin CavemanJoe2022-10-03 13:39:54 [Permalink]
Hey everyone! October's Monthly Memento is the Hobbady-Lantern, which is what you carve for Hallowe'en if you're growing up in Thatcher's Grim North and you can't get hold of a pumpkin but you do know a bloke who has some livestock-grade turnips. It looks like this and it's a good solid working-class facelantern that knows its roots. Use it to gain Stamina outside of a fight, or frighten a monster during combat.

I've made some more mobile-interface improvements, extending Quicknav to cover our Implants (and adding a wee readout to the player's combat card). Pretty soon it'll be much easier to play Improbable Island on mobile devices, and I'm super excited about it. If you have any pet peeves about mobile, pages you use a lot and wish were better, please do Distract me with your wishlists.

Have fun!

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