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Mobile Quicknav extended
Staff2022-09-23 17:46:12 [Permalink]
Hey folks, I've been working on the mobile Quicknav system this week, and have made some improvements.

You can now (assuming you're on a phone) tap to hide and show the Quicknav area. I've extended the Quicknav system to Down Below, the Hospital Tent, and the FailBoat, tidied up the styling on non-clickable navs, made expanding-submenu navs more obvious, and written a system to allow exact positioning of navs that makes it easy to, for example, show intuitively-positioned north/south/east/west links in Down Below. I've also made an easy way to stretch a quicknav link horizontally to take up the whole width of the screen, useful in places like the New Day screen where there's only one nav to show.

The feedback you've all given me on the quicknav system is really encouraging, even though until today it was only useful during fights. I'm looking forward to making the mobile Improbable Island experience much better over the coming months!

Have fun,

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