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New Beach (edit: and mountain!) time/weather skins, daylight savings time
Staff2022-03-14 01:05:11 [Permalink]
Hey folks! Just a quick one today; I've added time/weather-sensitive background graphics to Beach terrain squares (keep an eye out for more time/weather sensitivity on other squares too).

EDIT 2022-03-14 06:00 UTC: I've gotten new Mountain graphics too. :)

Today is the start of Daylight Savings Time in some parts of the world that contain some of our players, so I wanted to remind y'all that the Improbable Island clock runs on UTC and does not observe DST. Furthermore, countries that observe biannual clockbothering enter and leave DST on different dates, so during the next couple of weeks be extra vigilant about trying to organize on-Island events that happen at particular times of day.

Also, today's a really good day to check the batteries in your remote controls and smoke alarms!

Have fun,

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