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New SPOOOOOOOOOKY Monthly Memento, jungle/map update
Admin CavemanJoe2021-10-03 20:05:54 [Permalink]
Hey folks, the Monthly Memento for SPOOKTOBER is the dangerously wild third instalment of our October Terrors franchise, the sequel to 2016's Cabinet of Unspeakable Horrors and 2020's Doctor Screaminator's Sarcophagus of Blood-Chilling Terror, an animal-themed frightfest we like to call PROFESSOR HORRORBULL'S UNNATURAL MENAGERIE. It's both horrifying and educational!

Also, I put up a quick new feature that will likely be useful to newbies; in places where you're likely to get into a fight, the game will now remind you if you've got extra room in your Bandolier for something from your Backpack, and give you a handy list of things you can move over.

Have fun!

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