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Beta server, new Monthly Memento
Staff2020-10-01 00:23:33 [Permalink]
Hey, folks. While wondering what to do for this October's Monthly Memento, I found myself reminiscing on 2016's Cabinet of Unspeakable Horrors, a Monthly Memento that chilled me to the bone. I quickly turned my thoughts to other matters, light and cheerful things like kittens and rainbows and such, but try as I might I couldn't turn my mind away from the horror. Four years after I made it, I'm still jumping at shadows.

After sleepless nights of ruminating on the horrors I put myself through that year in order to make the most terrifying Monthly Memento that Improbable Island has ever seen, a dreadful realisation crept up my spine, like cold white earth-smelling fingers walking over my flesh. And it was this: I have to let it out. I have to bundle up this horror into a box and put it out into the world so that it's out of my head, so that I don't descend into piss-soaked madness.

And bundle it up I have.

If you thought that the Cabinet of Unspeakable Horrors was scary, boy have we got a Monthly Memento for you, in the form of Doctor Screaminator's Sarcophagus of Blood-Chilling Terror.

This Monthly Memento is so indescribably terrifying that the first time my test character opened it to make sure it works, I hesitated on the mouse, reminded myself that I was the one who coded it up so I knew exactly what was going to happen and that it was all imaginary, clicked, screamed, shat my pants and blacked out. I've no idea what it'll do to you, but I know it won't be pretty.

Mechanically, this Monthly Memento works similarly to the Cabinet of Unspeakable Horrors, but this is much more terrifying, containing spine-chilling nightmare fuel such as ghosts, bones and werewolves and also breaking through the fourth wall to tackle existential horrors such as bills and current affairs. We accept absolutely no liability for anything that happens to you as a result of your using Doctor Screaminator's Sarcophagus of Blood-Chilling Terror, including but not limited to hair loss, heart attacks or spontaneous defecation.

In case you missed the last MotD, we now have a testing server up for Arbitrary Roleplaying Stats Engine, which you can check out at! Please help us find all the bugs in the new system, so that we can be confident that it'll work properly when it goes live here.

If your character existed prior to 2020-09-28, then it already exists on the testing server. The first pageload will take a few seconds because the game has to retrieve your old stats and convert them into the new engine. Nothing you do on the beta site will affect your character on the main site, and vice versa.

Have fun!

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