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Double SP, mobile Rook Trader, and no more timeout!
Staff2020-07-28 16:35:43 [Permalink]
Hey folks! Nerv turned 4 yesterday and I'm turning 38 tomorrow, so it's time for Double Donations Day as is our yearly tradition. From now until 5am UTC on the 30th of July, all donations will get double their usual Supporter Points! I updated my old double-SP module from 2012 so that now it shows the remaining double-SP time down underneath the coin slot.

In other news, there's a mobile-friendly version of our spin-off game Rook Trader (yes, the game that the Joker plays with you in Outposts occasionally, turned into its whole own website), and you can see that on your phone at Rook Trader doesn't take donations and instead relies on advertising income to pay its way, in stark contrast with how we do things here. The idea is that Rook Trader offsets some of Improbable Island's advertising costs. If you could tell your friends, I'd be super-grateful!

Also, we have at long last removed the half-hour inactivity timeout that was a leftover from when we had PvP against logged-out players, a long, long time ago. The session timeout still exists because RAM is not infinite, but we've increased it to a week. This means no more typing out looooong distractions or decoration text only to have it disappear due to a timeout.
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