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Food rebalancing
Green Dragon Staff2020-04-10 15:49:16 [Permalink]
Hey folks, I've had a little twiddle at the food system to make it a little more forgiving. You'll no longer be able to go quite so far into the negative on Nutrition levels, there's an extra bonus if you get the stat high enough, and I've added more explicit messaging to the New Day page so you can more easily see how much Stamina you gain or lose by your food choices. I've also removed the ceiling on your Nutrition stat, so loading up with a bunch of Nutrition-heavy foods at the start of a DK should last longer.

This rebalancing is partially in preparation for CAKES, which should be coming next week!

As with the last couple MotD's, I'll end by saying I'm out of work because of COVID-19 and would appreciate donations, but please don't donate if you're also out of work. If you usually get every Monthly Memento but you haven't this month because you're furloughed or laid off, please Distract me with your character name and I'll give you this month's MM for free.

Have fun, stay two metres apart, and wash your damn hands,

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