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Further availability of the Emily Bundle
Staff2010-08-09 19:15:31 [Permalink]
Hey, folks! When I originally released the Emily Bundle, quite a few people donated via eCheque in order to buy it. eCheque is when PayPal takes the money straight from your bank account, rather than using a card. The problem is that it takes a week or so for the money to go through and for the player to get their points.

So people were donating for points, and then didn't get them until the Emily Bundle had sold out! That's not good!

So, I'm going to do one last run of the Emily Bundle, and I'm gonna give you plenty of notice this time. We have another fifty Emily Bundles, which will go on sale on Monday the 16th of August, one week from today, for the people who tried to buy, had the money, gave the money but still couldn't get the bundle because of PayPal delays.

Have fun!
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