Hobby website advertising on Improbable Island

Improbable Island provides free banner advertising on the New Game Day page (which players generally see maybe a couple times a day) to hobby websites and sole traders. Here's a sample of how it gets rendered, and you can click the link below the ad for an explainer on why I'm doing this.

This is a free advert for a random Improbable Island fan's hobby website. Improbable Island earns no money from this ad!
(Why the hell are you showing it to me then?)

Thanks for helping us keep the internet weird! You'll need a 468x60 non-animated safe-for-work banner image in .jpg or .png format. If you need some inspiration, or you just want to see a bunch of cool personal websites, here's a page of all the ads we're running right now.

Ad rules

Ad upload form

Your email address
Your site URL, the whole thing, including https:// or http://
Your banner, which has to be exactly 468 pixels wide and 60 pixels tall, weigh no more than 100kb, in .png or .jpg format, and not have animation or NSFW.