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Petition ID 786: Spiderkitty Launcher Fail
Submitted Fri, 15 Jun 12 21:54:23 +0000

I am uncertain if this is intentional or an actual bug, so I am putting it under a Private Petition.

WHAT: So I decided to try out a Spiderkitty Launcher and found out that the Spiderkitty Launcher Fail debuff is a little strange. In short, during the first NewDay when you purchase the weapon, the Spiderkitties are launched first, and then the damage from the recoil is done to you. Any other subsequent NewDay while wielding the weapon results in the recoil being done to one first, and then the Spiderkitties actually doing the damage. Also, the Spiderkitty Launcher debuff persists even after selling/changing weapons, and even after a Drive Kill.

HOW: Purchase a Spiderkitty Launcher, enjoy, then wait for NewDay to roll or use a Chronosphere.

The "problem" can also be seen in the player's buffs, the order of those buffs in the buff stack is reversed upon NewDay.

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