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Petition ID 717: 100-Point Rally: have to hit all Unsequenced points before Sequenced #50.
Submitted Thu, 17 May 12 02:38:17 +0000

WHAT: It appears that you need to have hit all of the Unsequenced Points before the Rally will acknowledge that you have hit Sequenced Point 50.

I've hit 49 Unsequenced Points, and 49 Sequenced points.

Moving onto Sequenced Point 50:

"You have reached a Sequenced Rally Point!

Sequenced Rally Point 50 of 50: .
49 of 50 Unordered Rally Points hit."

I move off, heading for the last Unsequenced points.

"Sequenced Rally Point 50 of 50: 1 West, 1 South
49 of 50 Unordered Rally Points hit."


I go over it again. Same thing. Then, I go to the Rally Points window to check what it's doing. It hasn't crossed out Sequenced Point 50, but it now has me listed as "Buddleia: 101 points" (because of moving on and off the SP50 point, I presume).

So, it looks like the Rally has discovered some new weird ways to confuse me.

WHERE: Travel, world map, and Rally pages.

WHEN: Just noticed now. I don't think this used to happen - I used to play a lot of Rallies, and I do not remember ever having to get all the USPs before the last SP.

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