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Petition ID 623: whoomph grenade teleported its effect to my next victim
Submitted Thu, 29 Mar 12 19:56:50 +0000

So... I was fighting a titan, and I'd thrown a grenade at
it. It caught fire, and kept burning. So far, so good.

Then I ran out of ammo, and hoofed it back to New Pitts.
I re-stocked, swearing a bit after I sold my l-suit by
mistake, banked the req, and hit the jungles... to see this:

Malignant Rejected Monsters's Hitpoints (Level 15): 271
YOUR Hitpoints: 169
Your enemy beats at the flames, but it's still on fire!
1 damage has been done in this round!

Which is probably not what was intended - this may be a
side effect of the fact that monster rep/flames/etc don't
wear off the titan when you take a break from hitting it.

[ which I assume _is_ intended ]

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