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Petition ID 566: UV booth at the Glass and mirror
Submitted Thu, 08 Mar 12 21:47:38 +0000

I've noticed that using the UV booth will remove your heat level, which is great, but there is a big problem.

I find that after using the UV booth when I have a high heat load the very next round of combat I enter will display heat damage (something has gone horribly wrong etc..) despite my heat gauge being on 0%. If I survive the damage then in the next round of combat everything is back to normal (no heat, no terrible things).
Also I'm not sure if it's intentional but after using the booth my heat level can go much higher than normal, I tried to get back to CC404 a few times with max heat, and ran into monsters, I thought for sure I'd die from heat damage, but I didn't. Instead my standby until cooled showed that it would take 6% instead of the 4% it normally shows for a full bar. So since I was at CC404 rather than spend the stamina I used the UV booth, my heat disappeared, then in the next round of combat my chest explodes.....
I can make this happen every time, just need to go to keetan with a high heat level and use the UV booth.

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