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Petition ID 5595: Major lag in pageloads in places I own
Submitted Sun, 29 Jan 23 03:05:58 +0000

I noticed this about 3 weeks ago I think, a bit before cmj started updating chat, so I want to make sure it's logged for fixing. It didn't used to be this bad in years past, but it has been a while since I was rping in places I own or have a key of keys for.

It's not chat specific, it's pageload specific, just, if I'm in a place that I own or have a key of keys for, the lag of a page load is 25-30 seconds. It used to be slightly longer because of having more options, but this amount of lag is an unplayable amount. I'm trying to rp in my place but it's so hard because I have to wait 30 seconds after pressing submit to see things again.


This is just me in breezehome. The main thing is that it's a place I have a key of keys to. My other places have similar lag, and szara confirmed that it's happening to others too.

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