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Petition ID 5563: Possible Clan Member Cap Script Error/Exploit
Submitted Fri, 12 Aug 22 01:08:55 +0000

I visited the TALES Clan Hall to see about the Member Cap. Ours was at 35 with 190 cigs in the Member Cap Bank. The message stated we only had to donate 0 cigs to increase the member cap.

Having 49 cigs, I put in 2 cigs. It increased our member cap to 36. I thought I'd put in zero to see what happened, but I accidentally clicked without entering anything... so my remaining 47 cigs got dumped into the Bank, increasing its total to 239. It increased the cap to 37. I put in 0, it increased to 38. I put in 0 again, it increased to 39.

Gamina began testing it, also entering 0, and she ended up increasing it to 52.

Not realizing this, I tried once more with the 0 and bumped it up to 53.

We stopped, not sure what is happening.
We're both pretty sure this is not how it's supposed to work.

Also Gamina noted there's a part of the script in the buff area where cigs are referred to as "gems", which she thinks is a holdover from the LotGD code.

She sent this to me. "Clan Buffs mentions "gems" here:

Clan Buffs

Your clan bank doesn't have enough gems to purchase the upgrade!

...and maybe in other places."

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