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Petition ID 5558: Temporary loss of HP to the Broth Joker is, in fact, permanent.
Submitted Fri, 29 Jul 22 21:28:47 +0000

WHAT: The Broth Joker, when taking away "temporarily" (i.e. until you DK) 10 HP from you, will actually permanently take the 10 HP. This does not seem to apply if you have a temporary, as it takes those first, but after that, it goes after your permanent HP.

HOW: Go out in the Jungle, encounter the Broth Joker until it takes away HP, and your HP will be at the lesser value after you DK.

WHERE: out in the jungle, as per Improbable Event.

WHEN: I did not notice such a problem until after the x10 scale for HP.

When I fist started noticing this happening, I thought to myself it was a mixed blessing, because "hey, since monster HP scale with mine, me having less HP means the monsters will have less HP, right?" This does NOT seem to be the case, as all monsters have MANY times my HP no matter my level, and while my HP have plummeted, I see no such drop in theirs. And there's almost no way to climb back up, as ever stingy Stonehenge, even when it does break down and adds permanent HP, it is in amounts of 1, 2 or 3 HP, not 10, 20 or 30 HP.

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