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Petition ID 5546: Dan's Quest descriptions
Submitted Sat, 09 Jul 22 19:12:35 +0000

What? Dan's Quests habitually show the Primordial Chickens text for me. I'm not sure if anyone else is encountering this. I "find in page"d my way through the current tickets and didn't find anything similar.
And then it showed something

How? As I said I don't know if it's account- or system-endemic, for me it's just every quest on this char, am not even sure if it's pertaining to Twodays as well.

Where? I'll post a link as soon as I have some online storage accessible for you to see, mister admin sir, at this point int time I'm way too SATURDAY to do anything about it as I'm sure are you.

URL: will do soon, see above.

When: since char creation, see above.

Urgency: Not really, no, as it don't affect game mechanics.

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