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Petition ID 5524: Down Below bug - accidental logout = KO!
Submitted Thu, 05 May 22 00:20:52 +0000

Possibly related to 5353. I was on Level Three Down Below and accidentally hit Q (for quit to the fields, I guess?), logging myself out of the game. I was not on a Foebot or in the middle of a fight at the time, and had full health.

When I logged back in, I got the "you have been knocked out language," had 0 health, and couldn't move. I can try it again in a moment, to confirm it is still happening. Then (this is the bit that is related to 5353), when Pinrut came and picked me up, placing me in Improbable Central, my health was reset to 10 HP.

I don't quit from DB very often, but I think I will have done it once in December or January, at which point this was not happening. So, no more than a few months?


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