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Petition ID 5508: Unable to Send Gifts
Submitted Sat, 26 Feb 22 22:36:44 +0000

WHAT - I am unable to send gifts on my WolphStrykes account. I still seem to be able to on my other character accounts.

HOW - After selecting the recipient(s) and gift(s) to send, I click send. The send button changes colors slightly, but nothing happens. Usually I can see a loading animation in the browser tab if it's taking a bit to send (rural internet, I'm used to delays), but I'm not even getting that. It's as though the send button is completely deactivated for WolphStrykes.

WHERE - Gifting Station

WHEN - This has been going on for at least six months or more. I blamed it on my excessive amount of mementos, as that was the only difference I could perceive on my end between my characters. I recently tried dumping those mementos into a Place inventory, however, and testing. I even logged out, cleared cache, logged back in, then tried a different browser. All the same results - unable to send.

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