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Petition ID 5495: External Decoration `b `c `i not working.
Submitted Wed, 12 Jan 22 04:29:38 +0000

What? When attempting to set up the external decoration of Curios, Concoctions, and Complements, when using `i`c or `b would cause the decoration to look as if it would work in the preview, only for the effects (italics/centering/bolding) to disappear once the job had been completed.

How? We used variations on "`n`n`c`b`iBaku and Tobias' Curios, Concoctions, and Complements`i.`b`n`n`E`iWares - Potions - Services`i`~. The variations would be to remove `c, `b or `i in various combinations to see if it would work but none would.

Where? R11 Curios, Concoctions, and Complements

When? 9/16/2021 starting at about 00:30 or 9/15/2021 at 8:30 est.

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