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Petition ID 5482: One-off Mementos don't give an attribute!
Submitted Tue, 02 Nov 21 00:09:21 +0000

WHAT? I have a few mementos that don't display when I show them in my inventory. It only happens with mementos that aren't made with the mould. One-off mementos, I think they're called? For example, I made a memento called "A Photo of Her" that has 1 point in "Gentle Ear", but it doesn't display on my profile...

HOW? Try making a memento and applying an attribute to it. Does it give you the attribute? It doesn't show for me.

WHERE? It's on the character biography screen, right here. ( You can see I have "A Photo of Her" displayed, but no "Gentle Ear" attribute.

WHEN? It's been a problem for a while, but I figured it was just something normal on the island. Apparently, it isn'. Oops! If it helps, it's still persisting. I just added two new mementos yesterday (Burning Board, Fishing Spear) and their attributes don't show up either, which should be Daredevil (the existing point belongs to the Charred Surfboard) and Technical Tenacity.

Hopefully this helps out! I looked through the issues and didn't see anything like this, but I do hope I'm not repeating anything! Many thanks for looking. v_v

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