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Petition ID 5359: Crouching cipher, hidden insult
Submitted Tue, 29 Dec 20 19:16:38 +0000

WHAT: The word Midget or Midgit shows up occasionally in canon game text. I think I've seen it twice now and thought "that's odd" but didn't register it as My Problem. One was in a Stern cipher*. I don't remember where the other was (but if I see it again will send another - a more specific and timely - report).
HOW: Fine tooth comb? AKA obsessive players.
WHERE: Mister Stern's last cipher to Corporal Punishment. He talks poetically about various races and their attributes, and Midget didn't get changed to Squat.
WHEN: Mid-December 2020.
*I'm 90% confident but OF COURSE I didn't save my decryption text file. So if the issue isn't there, please let me know and I will hunt obsessively until I find it. I can't have read that much game text since mid-December.

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