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Petition ID 5353: Down Below rescue with no health restoration
Submitted Fri, 04 Dec 20 00:32:05 +0000

Widdershins rescued me when I was KOed on level 8. When I refreshed the page, I was in Pleasantville -- the level 8 outpost at the time -- but was "restored" with 10 HP rather than full HP. Is that behaving as normal? It seems weird to have 10 HP when I should either have been KOed (=0HP) or restored to full health (if, as I thought the rescuer's text said "You have both been healed for free"), so I wanted to check that this was functioning correctly.

Sorry for no URL this time -- I tried to refresh myself in the Outpost, to see if that might be it, and forgot to scrape the URL. Could it be a problem of Timesten -- that is, whatever specific module is checking our health (to restore us to full HP) upon exit-as-a-rescuee doesn't expect these new big numbers and just throws up a 10?


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