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Petition ID 5305: Ultrablack theme displays tan trees
Submitted Wed, 09 Sep 20 17:13:08 +0000

The ultrablack theme sometimes displays tan trees in the BG. It's random, and it took me some messing around to make it do it again, but I got a screenshot (finally) in CC404's Common Ground today. How I did it: I decided to activate the ultrablack theme again (so I could read the Banter without hurting my eyes), mucked around, went to CC404 via teleporter to continue with Dan's second quest, hit up the Common Ground, and BAM. (pic) (page)
For a while, when I was between lvl4 and 8, it would do it a lot around NewHome and Kittania; now I'm 11 and I guess it's in CC404. As to what I was doing, I've seen it in a few places: Common Ground (NewHome, Kitt, ImpCent, now CC404); in the Jungle (from NewHome, Kitt, ImpCent, NewPitt); in all kinds of random places where the trees are in the BG and faint in any other color theme. A few times on the travel map.

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