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Petition ID 5283: Cobblestone Cottage
Submitted Tue, 14 Jul 20 00:23:54 +0000

Ages ago I signed up with World Community Grid. I got my token and saved it (somewhere) within my preferences. I waited 24 hours, I waited 1 week, I tried different configurations, I read through any articles I could find in the enquirer, and not a single cobblestone.

Finally I gave up and decided to focus on having a really grand hat.

I did stumble on on this thread:

But why isn't this information somewhere, like here:

And what happened to that token I remember entering. Did I imagine that or what that in another drive kill?

Anyway, documentation on this is sorely lacking. If it isn't working and not likely to work again, then take it down. If it's a bug, at least add it to the distractions so it is in a queue to be worked on maybe.


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