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Petition ID 5212: amH makes the game unplayable at times.
Submitted Sun, 08 Mar 20 06:15:37 +0000

amH spikes can make the game quite impossible to progress in at times. If it was regional, I could head further away from where the high improbability is, but it's global. Jungle fights are the main way to progress, and when randomly you get one hit because of improbability it can shoot an entire evening of play in the foot, especially for squats or those on their second or third trip to the boat.

The limited usage of a meter with artifact helps, but if you have 200-300% stamina for the day due to rabbits and the like, that will barely let you jungle for 50 of that stamina unless you have a ton of req, which typically farming in the jungle is how new players acquire req.

Because of changes to add challenge for 'overgeared newbies' buffing yourself with candy to get around the hurdle doesn't help either.

I've heard rumors that regional amH is coming, closer to the improb drive will have higher improb, and further away will have less, and that would help a lot. So would making spikes be for shorter durations, as it is, it seems like high amH times can last for hours before they decrease to reasonable levels. Allowing people to gear up to get past it would also make sense. Any or all of these would be helpful. I like the concept of amH, but between that and the change for low level players, it means that on days I only have an hour, I might not be able to play, even if I have multiple new days banked.

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