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Petition ID 5201: My Place has a bunch of non-functional, invisible doors
Submitted Sat, 08 Feb 20 19:25:01 +0000

WHAT - There's a bunch of doors that, despite being "Shown" and "Unlocked", are not visible in the rooms that they connect. They are also not included in the "Structural Menu", so I cannot move them. Specifically, they are the doors with these ids: 13307, 13320, 13324, 13325, 13326, 13658, 13673, and 16202

HOW - I have no idea, sorry.

WHERE - Map Square (21, 11), "Eugardia"
URL to Place:
URL to Room settings:

WHEN - I first noticed one of them a long time ago, but upon revisiting the Place, I found more. I assume they've existed since I rewrote the entire Place years ago.

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