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Petition ID 5183: Gifting/distract player search excludes some players
Submitted Wed, 11 Dec 19 20:27:23 +0000

The search box to select accounts to be the target of a gift or distraction seems to exclude some accounts entirely. For example, I wanted to send some OSTs to London Haven id# 233163, but I can't select them in any way. Not by typing any portion of the name, nor by entering the id number which is usually reliable. Not even by using the clan:TALES feature, though it will show every other member of the clan. Their name will not appear in the list of potential recipients no matter what.
It is the same in Firefox and Chrome. I have no idea when the problem started but apparently it has been going on for awhile.
Distracts can be worked around using the profile or distract reply, but it is impossible to send gifts.

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