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Petition ID 5114: Hung midnight processing screen when trying to log in
Submitted Mon, 27 May 19 09:19:18 +0000

What: Trying to log in, not at midnight, and end up hung in the midnight screen when loading from my bookmark OR from a google search result. Blue midnight screen appeared saying it was doing something or other on table 48 or something, but it does not progress.

Clicking on the 'Click here if it's buggered' button just reloads same hung screen. This has happened several times. I just can't log in ... oh, I **am** logged in ... (She turned me into newt! A newt? Well ... I got better!) Today I decided to try to report via the Enquirer (it did open properly) and while fooling around trying to select/copy/paste the text to illustrate my complaint, it staggered back into life, finished the process and took me to the 'Timed Out' screen. This has not happened in the several previous attempts.

Where: My bookmark is to, (i.e. not to the midnight screen.)

I'm using Firefox, with security settings at "Paranoid conspiracy nutter" level, but with Imp Isl liberally scattered through the exceptions lists

When: "After i think 'I haven't been skulking silently around the Island for a while, I think I'll log in!"

When (usefully) First occurrence was ... ahh, lesseee ... cuppla weeks ago, I reckon.

So there you go. I'm supposing it's something at my end (cache has been cleared several times since it started) but thought you might want a 'heads up' in case it's happening to others.

See ya.


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