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Petition ID 5021: Travel links shifted outside Improbable Central
Submitted Mon, 29 Oct 18 18:28:48 +0000

Monday, 29 October

Upon traveling past Improbable Central, I noticed a memento cluster dropped on that block and tried to pick it up. I noticed the following Improbably Positioned Links:

It appears that a chunk of the travel links were shifted to between the chat bar and the chat links, away from their normal positions. This may be a result of either the memento cluster or the story chat on this block. The problem appears to be inconsistent as well; after leaving the block, reporting my findings, and returning to double check them, the links were normal at first, and then jumbled again after hitting the refresh link under tbe chatbar.

No one else in banter has reported similar sightings and it appears to only be a Mobile skin issue. I use a Hisense U962 and Google Chrome to access the Island, which may be the cause as well.

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