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Petition ID 4967: The previous room value gets cleared by certain things. Most notably by clicking a link to a Page.
Submitted Tue, 11 Sep 18 19:48:54 +0000

The previous room value, which is checked by the previous room Contrivance, gets cleared/erased by certain things that don't involve going to another room or leaving the Place, which are the only things I'd expect to change it's value. The most notable thing that causes it to occur is clicking a navigation link to open a Page.
The erasure is triggered by doing any one of the following things; opening a page via its navigation link, clicking any of the links under the Help with Construction heading (Show current jobs and Donate Items) then returning to the room you can from, clicking any of the links underneath the Keybearer Options (That's Job Creation, Kick out Players, Building Inventory, Key Management, Structural Menu, Programs, Turn off debugging, and Master Setting) heading and then returning to the room (except for turning on/off debugging which doesn't take you away from the room and doesn't cause the value to get erased), and interacting with furniture then returning to the room.
As far as I can tell, that's a complete list. Going to other pages such as the donate page and the customize character page then returning doesn't trigger the erasure of te previous room value, nor does using Commentary Commands, posting in banter, (un)locking doors, turning debugging on or off, refreshing the page.
It can clearly be demonstrated here where I've set up some programs to show a page when the previous room value is correct and a link that will set the previous room value to the correct value because it's a door to the room that's being checked for and there's a program that immediately warps you back.
As far as I know this far

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